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Manna For the last mile


Class Overview 

Maranatha! Christ is coming soon! The signs of Jesus’ return are more numerous and intense than ever before. It appears we are turning a prophetic corner and moving quickly toward the final events of Bible prophecy. Are you ready?  

Simply knowing the prophetic sequence of end-time events is not enough! We must be prepared spiritually if we want to be ready at all. The good news is that God has given His people an abundance of spiritual and practical guidance. He intends to prepare and prosper His church at this time with the biblical truths centering around the Three Angel’s Messages of Revelation chapter 14.

Manna For The Last Mile is a weekly Sabbath School Class focusing on the Everlasting Gospel as brought to light in the Three Angel’s Message. The study of this message will bring unity, fellowship, peace and courage to God’s faithful people who embrace its guidance. It will also teach us how to labor with Jesus to reach those who finally begin to realize they cannot put their trust in the great men of this world any longer. Topics for study and discussion will focus on “Present Truth”:

There are many precious truths contained in the Word of God, but it is “present truth” that the flock needs now… such subjects as the sanctuary, in connection with the 2300 days, the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus, are perfectly calculated to explain the past Advent movement and show what our present position is, establish the faith of the doubting, and give certainty to the glorious future. These, I have frequently seen, were the principal subjects on which the messengers should dwell. - Early Writings page 63

The class will begin with an in-depth study of the sanctuary which will provide a solid spiritual foundation enabling us to understand the end time prophecies in a whole new light and enlighten us to what we need to be doing to get ready for the Lord’s soon return and help others do the same! Please plan to join us as we study and pray together encouraging and strengthening each other for the Lord’s soon return

Class Overiew
Our Current Study:
"Christ Object Lessons for Today"
Study Schedule
Study Schedule For "Christ Object Lessons for Today"

January 1: COL Chapter 2—“The Sower Went Forth to Sow”. 

This chapter is based on Matthew 13:1-9; Matthew 13:18-23; Mark 4:1-20; Luke 8:4-15.


January 8: COL Chapter 4—“Tares”.

This chapter is based on Matthew 13:24-30; Matthew 13:37-43.

Additional Reading: Councils for the Church – Chapter 62 –“The Sifting Time” - CCH 338


January 22: COL Chapter 13 – “Two Worshipers”. 

This chapter is based on Luke 18:9-14.


January 29: COL Chapter 14—“Shall Not God Avenge His Own?”.

This chapter is based on Luke 18:1-8.


February 5: COL Chapter 24—"Without a Wedding Garment”.

This chapter is based on Matthew 22:1-14.


February 12: COL Chapter 29—“To Meet the Bridegroom”.

This chapter is based on Matthew 25:1-13.

Previous Study - 4 Quarter 2021
Nov 20 - MDS 49 & 50 - The Two Covenants I & II
Nov 27 - MDS 52 - Can't Ignore the Sanctuary I *

Dec 04 - MDS 53 - Can't Ignore the Sanctuary II
Dec 11 - MDS 54 - Can't Ignore the Sanctuary III
Dec 18 - MDS - The Great Time of Trouble*
Dec 25 -  Overview / Discuss What We Have Learned *
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Part I Study Materials
The Daily - W. W. Prescott
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